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I was saved at the age of 8, got baptised in the Spirit and lived for God. I trained as a nurse in Bradford and married Tim at 21, and since then have been in ministry in one form or another. We have two beautiful daughters who both love the Lord. For the last 19 years we pastored a church in Harrogate before recently becoming full time directors of Presence Ministries International. However, my life changed radically when I started to believe what my Father God really thought and spoke about me and that he was GOOD all the time. I discarded shame. I made choices in line with his truth and aimed to be the best me I can be. I have walked through pain and heartache; I have found my faith to be real, completely non-religious and totally authentic (I gave up trying to be someone I wasn’t), I have found hope in the trials, I have learnt to trust him in the desert and rejoice at all times (I’m still working on this one). God has healed our marriage and our family... I am forever grateful for his outstanding love and faithfulness and will spend the rest of my life testifying to that and helping to release others into a deeper relationship with their Dad and to live free!



Yvonne Elizabeth Brooks is the First Assistant Pastor of New Jerusalem Apostolic Church - a thriving church that is having a huge impact in the community in the city of Birmingham. She is a qualified Behavioural Consultant, Mental Health Nurse and Registered General Nurse and from this she has a passion for seeing people receive deliverance, healing and restoration. 


Pastor Yvonne has completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate in Theology and Biblical Studies as testament to her desire to grow and develop to enable her to be a blessing to others as she delivers the word nationally and internationally. She has also presented on television and radio and has been the author of two books - “Touching God’s Heart: Prayers that make a difference” and Purpose Steps. As a result of her ongoing service she has been recognised with a number of awards including the Women of Excellence Trailblazer Award. 


Her main achievement is being the founder and Director of Women of Purpose Ministries; which inspires women around the globe to become women of purpose and leads them to take a stand on the world stage. This is a ministry that encompasses a number of life-changing programmes including the Women of Purpose Conference, Esther’s International Programme, Esther’s Extra, NEXT Steps, EXCEL, Ambassador and Tohorah (a retreat for teenagers). Her desire is to help others to transform life’s broken places to a place of lifelong fulfilment and purpose. (To learn more, please visit her website at


The greatest achievement of her life is her beautiful family which has stemmed from over four decades of marriage to Bishop M.A. Brooks and together they have three talented children and also two grandchildren. 

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