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Born in Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) in 1947 as the eldest son of a 3rdgeneration missionary couple, Gordon and Margaret Suckling. 

With a pioneering heritage in mission work throughout Angola, Congo and Northwest Zambia, Ken grew up in a large but close family. Speaking Lunda before he could fluently speak English, he became part of the wide scope of missionary activity that his family and other missionaries served the local population in.

Church activities formed the early experiences that Ken became involved in throughout his childhood and young adult life. Evangelism in the villages with his father and grandfather was part of his daily life, whilst learning much about African customs and culture.

Although he grew through early adult life in business in UK and Zambia, he and his wife Claire were married and raised their three children in the shadow of church and mission life. 

He and Claire later served in leadership for 8 years in a local church in Bristol, England.  In 2011 they heard the call of God to return to Zambia to “Serve the body of Christ” and are actively involved in many aspects of church and mission work in many different parts of the country.

They have a passion to encourage, train, raise up, and motivate the church in Zambia, especially the youth, in the truth of God’s word without compromise. Having a lifelong experience and association with many Godly men and women in Zambia, their main desire is to see lives changed and developed and destinies realised in God’s purpose.

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