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Our History

Pastor Les Everson is the Senior Pastor of Citifaith Church, taking on the responsibility after her husband Mike went home to Glory in December 2010 after an illness bravely fought.

Pastors Mike and Les have been pastoring and leading our church since February 2004. During that time we have seen God pour out great grace and take His church from strength to strength. We've seen huge favour in our city and a new dimension of life has been added to the church. Pastor Mike has inspired and challenged the church to bring the message of the reality of God and His love to their world.

In June 2005 the church was renamed Citifaith Church. As Citifaith Church we continue to grow in stature and numbers as God adds to his church daily.

In order to know 'who we are' and 'where we're going' we need to understand where we've come from. The roots of Citifaith Church stretch right back to 1989 when we were formally known as C.O.C. Swindon.

Pioneered by Australian Pastors Ian and Sue Spencer, the church grew quickly through its outreach on the streets of Swindon and surrounding towns. In September 1995 upon Ian and Sue's return to Australia, New Zealanders Maurice and Wendy Ritchie became the Senior Pastors.

As the church was continuing to grow the search began for a permanent building essential and in 1998 C.O.C. Swindon took on the lease of the old derelict cinema right in the heart of Swindon's town centre. The renovations took nearly a year to complete and cost in excess of £300,000. God miraculously provided and in July 2000 the building officially opened and we moved in.

Citifaith Church has been through many different seasons, what was started in a house over 20 years ago has grown to become a strong apostolic base in the South West and one of the most influential churches in Swindon.

Citifaith Church continues to enlarge and fulfil the purposes of God. We're called to be a city set on a hill and bring God to the city of Swindon.

We love people and our church is all about them. It's family friendly, has something for everyone and is a place where people are accepted for who they are. It is our home and is becoming home to more and more people each week!

Through people connecting with God and each other, sacrificially giving of themselves we are continuing to pursue God and forge a way to leave a legacy for the generations to come so they are able to fulfil their destiny.

The greatest days of Citifaith Church are yet to come!

In December 2013 Citifaith left the COC movement and has become partners with The River Church, Tampa Bay Florida USA.